A New App Brings the Hotel Front Desk Straight to Your Phone

by  Karen Gardiner | Nov 15, 2013
iPhone / Farknot_Architect/iStock

We've all been checking in for our flights from home computers and smartphones for long enough now; isn't it about time we were able to do the same for our hotels? Now, with a new app named Checkmate we can do just that. The app has just launched and is free to download. Here's how it works:

Like with an airline, you receive an email the day before your hotel visit asking if you would like to check in online. You'll then be prompted to provide your estimated arrival time, preferred room type, loyalty number, and any special requests. You can just check-in, or the hotel may offer you last-minute upgrades -- sometimes at a discount, which is itself reason enough to download this app. Then, all you'll have to do is walk up to the desk and pick up your already printed key for your room, which has been already assigned.

No more hanging around the lobby waiting for your room to be made up; the hotel even knows when to expect you in real-time. They can track your smartphone and receive a notification when you enter a 30-mile radius of the property (if you think that's a bit too Big Brother, don't worry: you can disable the tracking on your phone).

Checkmate is available worldwide and is currently working with five hotel groups including Commune Hotels and Pacific West Hotels, though the company expects that number to grow.

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