Video: In Curacao, An Unexpected "Safari" Experience

by  Christine Wei | Feb 4, 2015
Curacao / sorincolac/iStock

Curacao Ostrich Farm, by Christine Wei from ShermansTravel on Vimeo.

Beaches, snorkeling, and maybe some hiking -- that's typically what you'd expect from a Caribbean vacation. That's why we were surprised to find ourselves on a "safari" jeep tour on a recent trip to Curacao. The Curacao Ostrich Farm, it turns out, is home to one of the largest populations of ostriches outside of Africa. It's impressive to see how creatively and efficiently the farm operates; the on-site restaurant serves prime cuts while the rest of the animal is used to feed other livestock. Eggshells and even bones are used to make art. The tour explains all of this, and gives guests a thorough introduction to the animals themselves, from birth through adulthood. The video above shows some of what we learned: When you see this fight dance, prepare to run -- it's a warning sign for a potential attack, and ostriches are strong enough to break bones.

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