Dining In The Tub

by  Jennifer Bernstein | Mar 27, 2009
Hotel Victor in Miami
Hotel Victor in Miami / Photo courtesy of the property

We first wrote about the most expensive bath ever in the Summer 2008 issue of Sherman’s Travel. Featuring a 350-gallon infinity tub full of 1000-liters of Evian water, it’s quite possibly the most indulgent soak at $11,000. Guests of the Hotel Victor, South Beach, can only access this hyper-hydro experience by booking the penthouse. Now before your eyes bulge at the cost, take into account the service and amenities that follow. The full-service Spa-V team will draw the bath and set up a meal service of champagne (bring it on!), display of chocolates (yum! yum!), foie gras (huh?), and smoked salmon on a lollipop (wait a sec?). This is all being served alongside the tub? I'm definitely not into the eating in the tub trend. Where does the napkin go? Does etiquette just...go down the drain? What do you think? Does food have a place in the bathtub?

But the Victor is not alone in the dining and bathing combo. Other pairings of baths and food include;

The “Gentleman’s Bath,” at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin offers a glass of cognac and canapés, as well as a revitalizing “Energy Bath,” with a freshly-squeezed multivitamin juice. Kids shouldn’t feel left out, the ultimate “Bubble Bath” is offered with foam and a bowl of Gummi bears.

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