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An Ivy League education will no doubt get you far in life – and apparently provide you with a means of making a case for a $1 million lawsuit when your cherished Xbox 360 goes missing on a flight. A 21-year-old Yale student has sued US Airways after his video game console disappeared from his luggage on a flight from New Haven, Connecticut to Cincinnati in December. While the specialized hard drive of the gaming console did purportedly up its worth to around $1,000, he’s justifying seeking the stupendously steeper award due to the distress he endured from the run-around he claims the airline doled out (and of course, we must assume, for the sentimental value – just think of all of those hours they spent together, rocking out to Rock Band –  or those mischievous memories made during Grand Theft Auto).

Certainly, a million dollars would have fared well to smooth over some of the run-ins I’ve had with my dealings with airline personnel or for cancelled flights or for hours spent on the tarmac (the list goes on – I know you can relate here!) – but kudos to this young man for actually finding a way to bring those revenge fantasies to a pseudo-reality. Unfortunately, I think it'll be game over before the case ever actually makes its way to a courtroom, due to US Airways policy that's already set into place – a $3,300 cap for liability on lost luggage.

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