Quick Tip: Use a Pill Case as a Travel Jewelry Box

by  Mike Barish | Oct 16, 2012
Packing for a trip
Packing for a trip / seb_ra/iStock

You know those ideas that make you stop and say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" This is one of those ideas. Recently, a friend of mine came into town for a visit. My wife and I noticed her unpacking a tiny plastic case filled with jewelry. Curious, we asked her about it. That compact jewelry box was actually a travel pill case. It was an idea so simple, it can only be described as brilliant.

The Folca Compact Pill Case is durable, has eight separate compartments, folds into an amazingly convenient size (it's 4" x 2.5" x 1.3"), weighs less than one pound, and costs just $3.40. Use it to keep jewelry safe and organized, store extra SD cards for cameras, and stash cables for iPads. Just about anything else that's small, easy to lose, and worth protecting could be tucked into the Folca.

Sure, you can splurge on fancy travel organizers, protective cases, and packing cubes, but they're not always necessary. This is such a simple, smart, and inexpensive way to keep your small accessories organized. In fact, I purchased one before my friend even ended her visit with us. It's that clever. [sigh] Why didn't I think of it first?

The Folca Compact Pill case is available from Amazon.

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