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13 Theme Park Essentials You Won’t Want to Leave Home Without

by  Lauren Dana Ellman | Apr 1, 2019
Family at theme park
Family at theme park / Yobro10 /iStock

Amusement parks can be overwhelming, to say the least. With the crowds, rollercoasters, and germs, it may be tricky to determine which items are worth bringing along (after all, you only have two hands). Next time you head to a theme park, beat the heat  and save some money  with these 13 expert-approved items.

1. A Multipurpose Sunscreen Stick

It’s always important to wear (and reapply) sunscreen, especially if you’re spending most of the day outdoors. We recommend this versatile and pocket-sized stick from Neutrogena, which works on your face and body. Buy it now.

2. Boredom-Proof Brain Teasers

Whether you’re driving to the park or waiting in line, these simple toys will keep your child entertained at an affordable price (and they're sold in packs of 12, so there's a variety to choose from). Buy it now

3. Walkie-Talkies to Communicate with the Kids

If your children are too young to have a cellphone (but you still want to be able to stay in touch), consider purchasing this set of walkie-talkies. Yes, these devices are not as popular as they used to be, but let’s face it – they sure are efficient (and fun to use, too). Buy it now.

4. A Space-Saving Collapsible Water Bottle

As you make your way through the theme park, it's imperative that you stay hydrated. However, if you want to save money on overpriced bottles of water and beverages, consider bringing your own collapsible bottle (and refill it as needed). Plus, it's BPA-free. Buy it now.

5. Hand Sanitizer to Combat Germs

Let’s face it: Theme parks are dirty. Fight off germs with this easily-portable hand sanitizer spray, which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria. It also happens to smell like citrus-vanilla. Buy it now.

6. ...And Wipes, Because You Can Never be Too Prepared

We’ve all been there: You go to the bathroom to wash your hands and the soap dispenser isn’t working. Stay ahead of the curve and bring along these convenient and individually-wrapped antibacterial wipes; also great for post-snack cleanup. They’re sold in packs of 210, so you’ll certainly have leftovers. Buy it now.

7. An Eco-Friendly Albeit Adorable Fanny Pack 

In the past, fanny packs have gotten a bad rap. The truth is, though, they’re extremely versatile. This one is made from recycled water bottles, and it’s as chic as it is eco-friendly. Simply throw in your belongings, wear it around your waist, and you're all set. Buy it now.

8. A Set of Disposable Ponchos to Protect You from Unexpected Weather

Picture this: You’re enjoying a day in the amusement park and, all of a sudden, it starts to pour. Umbrella-less and soaking wet, you and your family are forced to seek shelter indoors. Instead, pack this disposable rain poncho set and continue to make your way through the park, fuss-free. Buy it now.

9. A Pair of Classic Shades for When the Sun is Strong

Don’t let the sun ruin your day of fun. Instead, invest in a good pair of sunglasses. We recommend this pair from Ray Ban, which features coated lenses to protect your eyes. Buy it now

10. A Pack of Bandages to Help Heal (and Prevent) Painful Blisters

When you’re spending all day on your feet, it’s possible you may experience a blister or two. To help alleviate the pain, simply stick on one of these waterproof bandages, which works to treat the blister and prevents others from forming. Buy it now.  

11. A Strap to Protect Your Glasses from Flying Away

Ever been on a roller coaster while holding onto your glasses for dear life? Spoiler alert: It’s no fun. Instead, consider bringing along this eyewear retainer strap, which easily adjusts to ensure a snug and secure fit. Buy it now.

12. A Pack of Cooling Towels to Keep You Feeling Refreshed

After a long day spent outdoors, you'll want to keep these reusable cooling towels  which stay cold for up to three hours  on hand. Leave the towels in your cooler so they stay cold throughout the day. Buy it now.

13. This Tiny-Yet-Mighty Fan That Clips to Your Cellphone

This mini fan easily plugs into any iPhone or Android, and works instantly. Its two blades help to create a gentle, refreshing breeze. When you’re not using it, simply throw it in your pocket or purse. Buy it now.

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