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If Southeast Asia is on your travel bucket list, early next year might just be the time to do it. Malaysia-based AirAsia is releasing a pass on January 15, 2015 that will let travelers take unlimited flights to 10 select destinations in Southeast Asia for one month. Here’s the kicker: It’s only $148, excluding airport taxes. (Our minds were blown, too.)

While we don't yet have the details on which destinations will be on the pass, AirAsia has a wide network of routes in the region, from various airports in Thailand and Vietnam to Singapore and Indonesia (in addition to other longer haul routes in the rest of Asia). Of course, you'd have to get to one of the selected destinations if you're not already there, but once you are, it seems like a great way to explore the various countries, cities, and towns in Southeast Asia. Stay tuned for more details closer to the launch date...

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