3 Fun Roadside Attractions in the Everglades

by  Caroline Eubanks | Feb 13, 2015
Everglades National Park
Everglades National Park / Simon Dux/iStock

Florida has always been a great place for offbeat road trip stops -- and the area outside of the Everglades National Park is no exception. Continue south past Miami and onward to the last few strips of land before you get to the Florida Keys for three of our favorite attractions. 

Robert Is Here Fruit Stand

Opened in 1959, Robert is Here is the place to shop for obscure foreign fruits like durian, starfruit, lychee, and mangoes. The Florida City stand also sells gifts like honey, preserves, and hot sauces, as well as freshly made fruit smoothies. They even have a petting zoo.

Coral Castle

Named for the material the building is made of, this unusual dwelling was built by Edward Leedskalnin to honor the woman he loved. Mystery surrounds Coral Castle, as Leedskalnin started building in 1923 but never used any machinery. The Latvian immigrant moved, carved, and sculpted over 1,000 tons of coral rock in the south Florida town, including a small apartment for himself. He started running tours to cover his costs, so you can still see the sign that noted the original price of 10 cents.

Schnebly Redlands Winery

Humid and remote Florida may seem like an odd place to have a winery, but Schnebly has a full tasting room as well as a brewery. They make their selections from tropical fruits like guava and lychee. Wine tastings and tours start at $7 and beer samplers include a pint glass with tastings for $14. Bring home growlers of beer or come for one of their special events like brew yoga or live music.

Caroline Eubanks
Caroline Eubanks
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