3 Gadgets for Maintaining Your Home While Traveling

by  Darren Murph | Jun 18, 2013
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There are so many things to worry about when you're traveling (delays, bad weather, theft, etc.), but what's going on at home shouldn't be one of them. In order to ease your (sometimes misplace) paranoia (did you lock the door on the way out?), I've found a few gadgets that will allow you to keep tabs on your home while still getting to enjoy your trip.

Nest: It took many decades for one of the home's most overlooked features to become cool again, but a company called Nest has managed to create a lust for thermostats despite the odds. The company's founder is no stranger to the tech world – he designed products for Apple – and it shows. The $249 Nest is perhaps the most visually stunning piece of functional art that you could ever hope to place on your wall. It's a "learning thermostat," which analyzes how you routinely adjust temperatures and then builds a profile in order to automatically adjust things while striving to save energy.

Better still, those who travel frequently can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the world in order to keep costs down, while also adjusting things remotely in the event of a cleaner stopping by or a renter showing up.

Dropcam: If you've ever looked into the cost of wiring up your home with security cameras, you're search probably didn't go far due to the hefty cost. Dropcam makes in-home security a lot more affordable and a lot more flexible. The company's $149 Wi-Fi camera sets up in mere minutes, and you can position it anywhere in your home so long as there's a power outlet nearby. Watching a live stream from anywhere in the world is free, regardless of how many Dropcam cameras you purchase and scatter about your place. For a small monthly fee, you can access archived footage as well.

Goji Smart Lock: For years, door locks have looked roughly the same. But now, the proverbial wheel is finally being reinvented. This $300 device is ideal for those who routinely find their homes unoccupied due to frequent traveling. It's capable of being programmed from anywhere in the world, so you can allow a cleaner (or a friend) in from anywhere. It'll also send you a photo of anyone who enters, and you can change the digital lock code regardless of where you are.

Got any other devices you use to manage your home while away? Let us know in the comments!

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