37 Apps to Help you Travel Smarter

by  Alex Schechter | Jan 8, 2014
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As you begin planning your 2014 getaways, there's one important element of preparation you shouldn't overlook: your smartphone. Whether you're in need of the latest photo-sharing apps, or the best way to send free text messages while abroad, or simply want to outline your daily itinerary, we've sorted through our recent tech stories to cull the best apps you need now (after all what's cutting edge today could be old news in a matter of months). Here are a few ways these digital tools can enhance your upcoming adventures:
Now that airlines allow mobile devices during takeoff, what offline apps will you use?

Planning a trip doesn't have be daunting with these three free pieces of software.

Your phone camera probably does most of the picture-taking these days – here are four apps to make those photos even better.

Need to book group travel? Sell your non-refundable hotel room? Check into your hotel remotely? It's all possible with these five favorite apps.

Like to micromanage your travel plans? The internet can help with that.

Instead of staying in a pricey hotel, these six lodging sites will have you living like a local, in the homes of locals.

Stay connected in foreign locales (and avoid messaging fees) with these three great apps.

Learn a language on your phone. For free.

Meeting new people is often the most exhilarating and nerve wracking part of any trip: with these five localized apps, make new connections seamlessly.

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