4 Travel-Inspired, Travel-Size Perfumes to Try

by  Kayleigh Kulp | Feb 1, 2012
Perfume / Evgen_Prozhyrko/iStock

I've always loved perfumes because they have the ability to transport you to another place without actually having to go there. It's known that scents can sometimes remain in your memory even longer than images or sounds. You associate scents with people, for example, and before you can even see them round the corner, you know they are around because their perfume or cologne acts a step-ahead calling card. Naturally, certain scents or perfumes can also evoke memories of a physical place, or help you determine what a place's characteristics are. Several artisan perfumists know all about that, and have created scents that are inspired by their travels and meant to help you experience them, too. The best part? They are travel-sized for some scent on the go! Here with a selection of our faves:

Hindu Honeysuckle by Providence Perfume Co. (1 oz., $115)
This India-inspired perfume utilizes strong notes of jasmine sambac, coriander, musk ambrette, grass green vetiver, rose, and bergamot to create a very fresh, soft, and romantic scent reminiscent of the honeysuckle flower, which symbolizes generosity and kindness. Best time to wear it? When you're feeling serious. www.providenceperfume.com

Geisha Pink Perfume Oil by Aroma M (¼ oz., $55)
I love this perfume, not only because it smells romantic (and is inspired by the sexy allure of Japanese geishas), but it is a roll-on perfume, translating to no mess and easy portability for travel. The oils have notes of sugared plum, fresh orange, and vanilla for a soft, but seductive scent. Best time to wear it? When you want to have fun. aromam.com/perfume_oils.html

Cali Blue by AromaEarth (1.7 oz., $32)
This perfume smells like the beach, but not in a coconut-and-sand kind of way. And that's the point. The creator fell in love with California's water and ocean breeze on a trip, and this scent, which has lemon, orange mandarin, bergamot, lily, lavender, and jasmine notes, smells fresh. Best time to wear it? On a carefree day. aromaearth.com/products.html

Mango Nectar Perfume by Malie Organics (¼ oz., $32)
This roll-on perfume (told you I love them!) has a sweet, tropical scent of mango nectar that the creator hoped would remind its wearers of Hawaii. She also made sure that the perfumes were free of chemicals and alcohol, which is icing on the cake. Best time to wear it? When your craving springtime. www.malie.com

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