5 Compact Travel Products to Help You Pack Light

by  Chanize Thorpe | Jun 13, 2014
Packing for a trip
Packing for a trip / seb_ra/iStock

In these times of ever increasing checked baggage fees -- and even carry-on bag fees (ahem, Spirit Airlines) -- a cost-conscious traveler sure feels the benefits of packing light. A love for double-duty items aside, that translates into downsizing toiletries, clothing, and more. Here, five compact travel-friendly products that will save you both space and money on your next trip:

Emergency Undies
There are several reasons you can appreciate having a pair of Spairz in your possession. These discreet underthings are packed tightly in a chewing gum-sized wrapper, perfect for hikers, cross-country bikers, and those who otherwise travel super-light. Of course, they're also good to have just for preparation's sake, in case of delays or lost luggage. The underwear, which comes in sizes XS to 3X, are a mod-cut high brief that won’t win any design awards, but they rewash and dry in a snap. $10.

Body Odor Banisher
The truth is that long-haul flights, multi-hour layovers, or touring a hot and sticky city may all leave you a bit, well, musty. If there’s no time for a full shower, La Fresh Travel Lite Hygiene Wipes for females and for males will freshen you up for your next adventure. The pre-moistened, lightly fragranced, and flushable towelettes come in petite, easily packable packets. The $2.49 three-pack works for short trips, but we suggest investing the $19.99 for the 48-pack deal -- once word gets out, you’ll be handing them out left and right in the name of road warrior code.

The Tiniest Toothbrush Ever
We first saw these no-water-or-toothpaste-needed teeth cleaners at rest stops in the UK, but the Fuzzy Brush has exploded in popularity and can now be shipped worldwide. And why not? They’re little round lifesavers with flavors like bubblegum and cool mint, shipping in quantities as few as 15 to as many as 100. Throw one of these bad boys in every bag or suitcase you own and you won’t be caught de-boarding the plane with less than minty-fresh breath ever again. From $13.99 for 15 plus $6 shipping.

Mocs That Fold Like Socks
For the man who shuns traveling with multiple pairs of shoes, and heavy ones at that, La Portegna's penny loafer moccasins are light as a feather. They score even more points thanks to their rubber soles and ability to fold into a pouch nearly as small as your wallet. The shoes come in a variety of colors and styles, from black to navy and leather to suede, so now there’s no excuse for fashion faux-pas. $192.

The Day-to-Night Dress
A daring dress? A sexy skirt? A tasty tube top? The Convert-A-Skirt "Miracle Dress" by Sassybax, with three colors to choose from, can be just about anything you want it to be. If you're looking for a versatile, key piece of multi-use travel clothing -- super important for saving space -- this one certainly fits the bill. The cherry on top? It also serves as Spanx-style shapewear, so ladies can enjoy extra nipping and support. $76.

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