5 New and Updated Food Apps for Travelers

by  Andrew Villagomez | Aug 8, 2013
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For travelers in search of some culinary adventure, you can let your inner foodie geek out with these new food and drink apps – plus a few old favorites that have recently gotten an update. Here's a sampling of what to download...

1. BeerDog (free)
This beer map and photo journal allows you to snap a photo of the beer you're drinking, identify the label, tag it, and save your location. From there, you can share your findings with other beer lovers, and spread the love on social media. The app also offers some in-depth information on your beer, including history or where it comes from. There is also a more robust search function coming soon, so you can search by area and beer.

2. Pizza Compass (.99)
This is a little more fun than just using FourSquare, although it uses the same technology. This app allows you find the nearest pizza place via a "pizza slice compass," and includes location notes and photos from other pizza eaters. You can also share your findings on your social networks.

3. Tab (free)
If you're traveling with friends or family, eating in large groups can be a complicated task. With this app, you take a photo of your table's bill, and then the app splits it up based on who ate what. It can even split shared items. The total is then calculated for each person, and also tax and tip.

4. Evernote Food (free)
Freshly updated since its 2012 launch, this food journal app allows you to not only save recipes, but you can document restaurant visits as well. You can then share your findings with your friends through social media as well – and make them wish they could join you.

5. Blush For Wine (free)
This wine shopping companion helps you find local wine stores and wines to match your taste or price range. It's perfect for finding a nice thank-you bottle when you're staying with friends, or your for next Airbnb stay. New updates include the ability to snap photos of your favorite wines and them to your history in "My Wines," and expanded location-based recommendations.

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