5 Perks in Singapore Airlines' New Premium Economy Class

by  Jaymie DeGaetano | Jun 23, 2015
Jaymie DeGaetano
Jaymie DeGaetano

Many American airline carriers now offer enhanced economy options for fliers, which usually entails just a sliver of extra legroom, often at the front of the plane -- all for an exorbitant price. Luckily, this isn't the case with Singapore Airlines' new premium economy class, which debuts on August 9, Singapore's Independence Day, with service from Singapore to Sydney. Stateside, the service is launching from Los Angeles and New York in December, followed by San Francisco in January. In the meantime, here are five premium economy perks that go above and beyond the extra legroom.

1. Unlimited champagne that takes the edge off.
Fly in style with complimentary champagne available throughout the flight. And not the cheap, headache-in-a-bottle kind. Premium economy passengers sip on Ernest Rapeneau Brut Prestige (in addition to a selection of sommelier-curated wines).

2. State-of-the-art entertainment systems that let you truly tune out.
Clocking in at 13.3 inches, the premium economy touchscreen entertainment systems boast the largest monitors in its class. Plug in the provided noise-canceling headphones and select a free-of-charge movie or television program for your viewing pleasure. Those 15-plus hours in the cabin will fly by in no time.

3. Comfy recline that doesn't disturb your fellow passengers.
Stretch out your legs with foot and calf rests and recline your seat up to eight inches. Don't feel guilty going for the maximum recline, either. With a seat pitch of 38 inches, the passenger behind you will still have plenty of personal space. (For comparison, economy seats have a pitch of 32 inches.)

4. A variety of culinary treats that you can pre-order online. 
Not only are hot meals served on board, you'll have a choice of three options for each main course, with menus varying route-to-route. If you plan ahead, you can access even more variety and pre-select your meal at least 24 hours prior to take off, thanks to the online Book the Cook system. Some of these special dishes may include seafood thermidor, rosemary beef brisket, pork congee with century egg, and -- one of Singapore's most well-known local specialties -- roasted chicken rice.

5. Enough space to spread out your gadgets -- without spilling your beverages.
Have you ever chugged a beverage and wolfed down an in-flight meal in order to create space for your laptop or book? It's not something you'll ever have to worry about in premium economy. Take advantage of a wide stowaway table, a cocktail table, bottled water holders, side pockets, and the usual seat-back pocket, and there's still room to spare for your personal gadgets. Keep the electronics charged, too, with a universal power outlet and two USB ports.

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