5 Portable Speakers Under $65 to Take on the Road

by  Elizabeth Denton | Mar 20, 2014
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It's been a rough winter – thanks, Polar Vortex! Now, as temperatures inch above 50 degrees, all we want is to be outside. Whether you're planning to hit the festival circuit, lounge by the pool at your vacation rental cottage, or take a road trip, you'll need your tunes close by. Here are five of our favorite travel-ready speakers starting at just $20:

1. The affordability of the wireless iHome IHM60 CrystalTunes portable Multimedia Speaker ($19.95) gives you the financial flexibility to buy more than one and scatter them around the house.

2. Leave it to Kikkerland, purveyors of kitsch, to create the bird-shaped Migrate-est Hits Speaker ($32.99), which stores six hours of music and charges via USB. Plug it into your computer, bring it to the park or the beach, and let it chirp your favorite beats.

3. As much as we love our iPad, the speaker leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to watching movies. Pop on the Jensen Portable Stereo Speaker for iPad/iPad 2 ($22.99), and it will be loud enough for bunch of friends to gather round and watch.

4. California artists Adam Wegener and Ron Sloat hand make the Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier ($65), which uses three AAA batteries and gives you 20 hours of amplified sound. It looks so cool, you might even tell people you made it yourself. (We won't judge you.) Note: in a pinch, a regular mason jar works just fine, albeit with less amplification.

5. It's true that you can belt out tunes while you bathe thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled Splash Shower Tunes speaker ($39.95), but you can also answer calls and hold conversations with the built-in microphone.

Bonus: The kid in your life (or you!) is going to gasp at this singing animal speaker ($100) by IDEA Japan. Named Kuchi-Paku (Japanese for "lip-sync"), the cat, dog, or rabbit is made in collaboration with children's storybook writer IRIIRI. Plug in your MP3 player and press the hand for a truly unique music experience.

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