5 Spa Treatments (Under $150) Worth Traveling For

by  Michele Laufik | Jan 15, 2016
FieldSpa at GoldenEye
FieldSpa at GoldenEye

If you’re still trying to detox from that holiday cookie binge, put down the green juice and pick up your passport. Many resorts and destination spas -- from Lake Placid to the Philippines -- offer treatment options that feature local ingredients like maple syrup and incorporate indigenous techniques to help guests relax, cleanse, and just feel good. Plus, the cost of these services won’t stress you out!

Maple Sugar Body Scrub
Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa’s signature treatment taps into the ooey-gooey goodness of a local commodity, maple syrup. Prepared on site at the upscale property, which is located in Lake Placid Winter Olympic Village in upstate New York, the Maple Sugar Body Scrub is a mix of brown sugar, white sugar, real maple syrup, and body oils and provides a hydrating and remineralizing full-body exfoliation for sweet, silky skin ($145 for 50 minutes and $175 for 80 with a massage).

Purifying Wild Lime Massage
The FieldSpa at the GoldenEye Hotel & Resort, located in Oracabessa Bay on the north coast of Jamaica, uses elixirs, tonics, and essential oils infused with flowers and aromatic herbs that are grown on the 2,500-acre family farm. The Purifying Wild Lime Massage features several regional ingredients including a blend of wild lime, sweet orange, and green coconut oil for a detoxifying experience with therapeutic compression and shiatsu-inspired techniques to increase blood flow ($130 for 60 minutes and $190 for 90).

Lava Shell Massage
Situated on more than 100 acres of rainforest and between the grand Piton volcanic mountains in St. Lucia, Sugar Beach -- A Viceroy Resort, offers services at the 9,427-square-foot spa inspired by the fiery surroundings, including the Lava Shell Massage. During this relaxing treatment, a therapist glides polished sea shells, which heat up naturally, over palms, arms, neck, and shoulder area, with special attention given to pressure points ($150 for 50 minutes). For a truly immersive experience (and slightly more money), guests can also head to nearby sulphur springs, where a therapist slathers them in hot, black volcanic mud, which is then removed with a loofah under the Piton Falls ($195 for 3 hours, including massage).

Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub
The Hilton Los Cabos Beach & Golf Resort recently underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, which included its new 9,700-square-foot eforea spa. The space boasts a “living wall” where guests can select and cut naturally grown herbs, such as damiana (purported to relieve anxiety), a form of aloe vera called sabila, lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, and mint, all to incorporate into their services, which include native rituals as well as traditional treatment options. For the Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub, the zesty herb is blended with bamboo to make a foamy, exfoliating mixture for sloughing away calloused and flaky skin on hands, feet, and body ($135 for 50 minutes).

Hilod Cleanse
Located about 90 minutes from Manila, in the foothills of Mount Malarayat, the Farm at San Benito specializes in holistic healing and wellness with a roster of integrative medical physicians and therapists who practice Filipino healing methods, such as Hilod. This traditional treatment cleanses the skin, removing dry skin, eliminating fluid retention, and breaking down cellulite. It begins with a hot herbal bath of guyabano and sambong leaves to stimulate the kidneys, liver, and lymph system and soften the skin. Volcanic river stones are then rubbed over the body to generate energy and exfoliate. After rinsing off, a lavender aromatherapy oil is applied (approximately $137.45 for 120 minutes).

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