5 Things to Avoid at the Hotel Pool

by  Amanda Black | Feb 27, 2013
Hotel pool
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When I think about places to be wary of at hotels, the first one that comes to mind is my room – two words: bed bugs. But then again, there are plenty of other spots at hotels that make my skin crawl, one of them being the hotel pool. Here's why.

1. The kid's pool/kids in general
This really needs little explanation. But I'll go ahead and give it anyway. For one, you have to worry about kids peeing in the pool. If you're not at a hotel/resort with a kids-only pool, you'll probably find yourself swimming through some...warmer sections than normal. Beware.

Then there's the whole splashing problem. I'd like to enjoy the water rather than fear getting chlorine water in my eyes.

2. The old man tanning in a speedo
I love to tan as much as the next person, but when you've passed your prime and are still wearing a speedo, it makes me (and probably a handful of other folks) a bit uncomfortable, sitting, standing, or tanning near you. At least put some normal swim trunks on!

3. The frat guys
This can be paired with the kid's pool point. It seems like at most pools I've been to, there are at least a few drunk dudes hanging out in the water, spilling their beers, acting way younger than they should, and all in all annoying other pool patrons. Take it to the bar or your room.

4. The bathrooms
While not everyone uses the bathrooms, it seems like those who do often don't know how to aim or  wipe themselves off properly before placing their wet behind on the seat. I really don't want to have to question whether that is pee or pool water (or a mix of both).

5. The filters
Growing up, my neighbors had a pool. For fun, we would look in the filters to see what creatures got caught – oftentimes we'd find frogs, bugs, and other unmentionables. Because of this, now I try not to think about what's in the filters or how effective the chlorine is in actually getting rid of bacteria and other germs that breed in there (and don't get me started on hot tubs).

In your opinion, what's the biggest ick-factor at the hotel pool or the hotel in general?

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