5 Things You Should Know About Moxy, Marriott's New Hotel Brand

by Jenny Peters | March 12, 2015
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5 Things You Should Know About Moxy, Marriott's New Hotel Brand

Combining style and comfort with affordability and a community atmosphere, Moxy Hotels, from Marriott International, look to be an easy and hassle-free place for you to lay your head. Here, five key things you need to know about this thoroughly modern new brand, coming soon to the U.S.

1. Milan is the only place to find a Moxy Hotel...until next year.

While Marriott International has big plans for the new Moxy brand, the only place to find one is currently in Milan, near Terminal 2 of
(MXP). The going rate for a queen room is €50 (about $56) per night.
is set to open in 2015, with Berlin, London, Frankfurt, and Oslo to follow. Moxy Hotels in the U.S. will begin rolling out in 2016, with properties planned in New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, and Chicago. We're expecting equally reasonable rates for each city.

2. The rooms are small but expertly designed.
In keeping with the brand’s goal of offering affordable rooms with plenty of style, smart design is key. Every inch of space is used wisely. Visitors will find plenty of plugs for electronics near the beds, modern lighting, 42-inch TV, foldable table, comfy chairs, and pegs for clothing. For each room, there's also a full-size bathroom with a shower, vanity, and upscale amenities. Add in ultra-fast WiFi and the comfortable living space is complete.

3. The lobby is the place to be.
Unlike many budget hotels that have a depressing lobby with few amenities, the Moxy’s is meant to be a place to relax, unwind, and have a cocktail or a bite to eat. It takes after the new breed of chic hostels that we've fallen for. With a modern, industrial vibe, the lobby boasts plenty of seating, a full-service bar, coffee bar, microwave ovens, and a large self-service wall stocked with drinks, snacks, and full meals that's accessible 24/7. They even have communal games (like Cards Against Humanity!) as well as other amusing items to make you want to hang out and linger.

4. Moxy loves social media and millennials, but every age is welcome.
Designed with millennial social media-lovers in mind, the Moxy sports a large video wall in the lobby dubbed "The Guestbook.” Guests feed their photos and videos into Instagram and soon see their shots blown up on the wall, constantly changing as the social media feed pours in via their free WiFi. But like any good hotel, privacy is yours if you want it, as posting is at your discretion.

5. Your Marriott Rewards are in play here.
Good news or loyalty members: Despite the Moxy's budget prices, the hotel is still a part of the Marriott Rewards program. This means you can book stays using your points -- or earn points while you visit. Add them up and your Moxy Hotel stay can end up the best price ever: free.

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