7 (Free!) Travel Apps for 2017

by  Kayla Becker | Feb 27, 2017

Finding a good travel app can change the way you see the world -- and even better, it doesn't take up room in your suitcase. We searched the app store for the very best, from those that make booking hotels easier, to an app that helps you to get over jet lag. Here, the best (free) travel apps you should be downloading this year.

Wingz: Call it the new, improved Uber. This app lets you pre-book rides to the airport from a trusted personal driver. Unlike other carpool services, there’s no surge pricing (the price is always a flat rate, no matter how heavy the traffic) and you can request your favorite driver.

Binaural: Feeling jet lagged? Relax with the binaural beats of this app (think: gentle rain sounds) and you might just fall asleep faster.

Splittr: If you’re traveling with friends, do yourself a favor and skip the agonizing part when you tally the bill. This app keeps track of expenses so you can easily divide between friends as you go.

GasBuddy: Say good-bye to guessing which gas station has the lowest prices -- and cursing the cheaper one you see right down the road. This app lets you search for gas stations by zip code, and finds the lowest prices for each.

Cool Cousin: Imagine having friends all over the world, who are always willing to show you around town. This app matches you with a local who has similar interests so they can give you personalized recommendations on what to explore in their city, including the restaurants, attractions, and up-to-the-minute events.

TripHappy: This app is a one-stop shop for planning. Type in where you want to go, and browse over 25,000 travel guides -- of trips taken by real travelers -- for countries all around the world. Then, use the accommodation comparison engine to find the lowest price on a room, and build a visual itinerary.

Dufl: Hate lugging your suitcase along every time you fly? Dufl houses your travel wardrobe, then ships it to and from your destination, allowing you to travel in hands-free fashion. The app is free to download, but the service costs $9.95 per month, and $99 per round trip.

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