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9 Essentials to Bring On Board Your Next Long-Haul Flight

by  Kelly Wilkinson | Feb 28, 2019
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As exciting as far away destinations may seem, the lengthy flight (or flights) are not. However, preparation is key to surviving (and perhaps even enjoying) these long-haul flights. To optimize your airtime, we’ve compiled a list of expert-approved essentials to bring on board.

1. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

Squeeze in some in-flight snoozing sessions with this top-rated pillow, which can bend into several different shapes to best support your chin, neck, and head  no matter what your sleeping position may be. Now, you won't have to rely on your tiny armrest (or perhaps even the person next to you) for head support. Choose from seven different colors, which range from classic black to a bright green. Buy it now

2. Dream Zone Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

Use this cozy eye mask to temporarily escape from the bright reading lights and open windows that line the cabin. The cotton and silk fabric blend is cozy enough for a full night’s (or day’s) rest, and the mask fits perfectly on any head shape. To clean, simply rinse in lukewarm water. Buy it now.

3. CHICMODA Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle 

It’s always important to stay hydrated — especially on long flights. Instead of relying on those minuscule plastic cups that the flight attendants distribute, consider bringing your own full-sized water bottle. This one is collapsible and foldable, which means it won’t take up space in your bag  so go ahead and pack that pair of shoes you’ve been trying to squeeze in your carry-on for the past half-hour. Buy it now

4. Dr. Scholl's Women's Travel Mild Compression Sock (2-pack) 

Staying seated for an extended period of time may cause achy or swollen legs, and may even lead to more serious issues. However, it may help to have some mild-level compression socks on, which gently apply pressure to the ankle and up the leg. We recommend this pair, which was specifically designed for travelers in mind. Buy it now

5. Thymes Neroli Sol Petite Body Lotion

The only thing worse than being in a dry airplane cabin is having to endure it for five-plus hours. On top of drinking lots of water throughout the duration of your flight, it’s also important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated. We recommend using this travel-size rich moisturizing cream, which is infused with coconut oil shea butter to provide deep hydration for all skin types. Buy it now

6. Apple iPad Mini 

Skip the basic in-flight entertainment offerings. Instead, bring your own selections on your iPad mini. Between eBooks, apps, podcasts, shows, movies, and games, the options are limitless, and (hopefully), the time will pass quickly. Plus, the lightweight device will take up minimal space in your bag, and also features a 10-hour battery life. Buy it now

7. MAXROCK Sleeping Headphones

Block out the annoying hums of the plane engine with these noise-canceling headphones, which will work much better than those flimsy complimentary ones. These light-as-a-feather earbuds are super comfortable — even if you like to lean your head to the side. And, since they block out sound, consider wearing them for some peace and quiet to help you sleep. Buy it now

8. Dental Travel Kit

After dozing off for a few hours and heading to the bathroom, you may notice that your breath could use a mint of two (we've all been there). However, this dental kit (which includes toothpaste, mouthwash, and a self-capped toothbrush) is conveniently sized for travel, and makes the perfect remedy for a post-nap or post-snack breath- freshener. Buy it now

9. Celavi Essence Facial Face Mask (12-pack) 

We recommend bringing a couple of face masks onboard to pass the time and keep your skin feeling fresh. Simply stick one of these on your face for 15 minutes for an instant energizer. And, since these are best priced in bulk, you’ll have some extras to use for the remainder of your trip (or save the rest for your next adventure). Buy it now

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