9 Signs That You Were Born to Travel

by  Teresa Bitler | Jul 7, 2015

Most of us love to visit new places and try new things from time to time, but some of us were born to travel. Are you one of them? Here, nine signs you were born a traveler.

1. You like planning as much as going. Traveling to a new destination isn’t enough; you take planning to a whole new level. You search for the best deals on flights, read hotel reviews, and rearrange your itinerary. And, when you get back from one trip, you delve immediately into the planning stages of the next one.

2. You don’t bother putting your suitcase away. Not only that, you keep certain items in your suitcase -- a travel toothbrush, maybe, or favorite “adventure” shirt. Why go to the trouble of putting items away when the next trip is just around the corner?

3. You're a professional packer. Speaking of suitcases, if there was a college-level class in packing, you’d be the professor. You know exactly what to take and how to cram it into the smallest possible suitcase -- without wrinkles.

4. You have a strategy for everything. You know the best place to park at the airport, the quickest way through customs and the TSA security checkpoint, and how to beat your fellow travelers off the airplane when you need to make that connecting flight. You’re not a confused wannabe; you’re hardcore.

5. You can fall asleep anywhere. Those people who complain they can’t snooze on an airplane? Amateurs! You’re asleep before take-off. You’ve also caught some shut eye on buses, trains, boats, and probably even the back of a horse.

6. There isn’t a country that isn’t on your bucket list. Who doesn't want to go to Italy, France, and Ireland? As a born traveler, you dream bigger. Places like Tetepare, the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific, and croc-infested Cape York Peninsula in Australia make your list.

7. You can toast your host in 15 languages. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you know at least how to say "hello." True travel junkies take it one step further and enroll in a language immersion program while abroad. Diving into a new language enhances their current trip and prepares them for the next.

8. You would rather spend money on experiences. You drive a 2002 gold Ford Taurus and got your couch from your mother-in-law. So what? That means you’ve got a budget to make the trek to Machu Picchu, learn to tango in Buenos Aires, and participate in a paleontological excavation in Wyoming. Experiences are always better than material things, in your opinion.

9. There’s always another trip. You don’t have a dream trip, you dream of a lifetime of trips. For you, coming back home is just a detour on the way to your next adventure.

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