9 Twitter Accounts to Help You Save on Travel

by  Paul Eisenberg | Jul 2, 2013
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Twitter has become an incredible tool for finding great travel deals. The tough part, however, is digging through endless handles and following ones that will actually save you money. Here are some tried-and-true Twitter accounts that we love. (And of course, we always recommend that you follow @ShermansTravel for our own expert advice.)

1. Flight deals: @airfarewatchdog
What they do: Experts scour the web for low-cost airfares.

What's especially great is that they warn you when a fare has limited availability.
Why follow: Fares shared often include website-only and promo-code fares as well as deals from smaller carriers you won’t see elsewhere.

2. Flight alerts and travel deals@rickseaney
What they do: Rick is the CEO of FareCompare, and he tweets when airfare rates drop at your home airport. @FareCompare itself also tweets about travel deals.
Why follow: Beyond the fare alerts, the prolific Seaney often tweets about blog posts with good money-saving info, such as 5 Magic Dates for Cheap Summer Flights.

3. Travel auctions: @uBidDeals
What they do: You may not have heard of the auction site uBid, but they have an eclectic inventory of everything from jewelry and laptops to vacation packages and travel vouchers.
Why follow: You seldom see the inventory on this site sold elsewhere. And since uBid isn't as well-known for travel, you may have less competition when bidding on deals.

4. Travel points maximizer: @thepointsguy
What they do: Frequent traveler Brian Kelly heads a team of experts who work to help you maximize all your airline, hotel, and car rental points you've accrued over the years.
Why follow: Kelly's tips about how to best use your points as well as avoid rookie mistakes that'll lead you to waste your hard-earned rewards help you travel smarter and save money.

5. Awards points tracker: @AwardWallet
What they do: Register for free online and the company will track your airline, hotel, and credit card points, alerting you when your reward balances change or points are expiring.
Why follow: AwardWallet tweets constantly advise you about maximizing points you may already hold and clue you in about strategies you may not have thought of.

6.Inexpensive Europe hotels: @eurocheapo
What they do: Brothers Tom and Pete Meyers curate budget hotel reviews at EuroCheapo.
Why follow: Tweets helpfully repeat some of the money-saving advice you’ll find on the site and also report on their bloggers’ hotter topics, such as the hidden fees levied by budget European airlines.

7. Hotel savings, flight deals, and more: (@yourfavoritetravelbrand)
What they do: You know your favorite travel brands, and the ones that let you accrue rewards points – JetBlue, Holiday Inn, etc. Each one will offer expert advice on how best to capitalize on amazing deals, flash sales, and more.
Why follow: It's hard to keep track of all those emails that are piling up in your inbox with promo codes and more. Having everything feed into Twitter will help you read the important information, and fast – thank you 140 character limit!

8. Travel news you can use: @PerrinPost
What they do: Condé Nast Traveler consumer news director Wendy Perrin uses her Perrin Post handle as well as @wendyperrin to share tips and advice with travelers.
Why follow: You'll find tweets drawing attention to Perrin's posts about saving money and maximizing your travel dollar, such as How Do You Get the Best Five-Star Hotel Deal.

9. Travel issues and advice: @elliottdotorg
What they do: Journalist Christopher Elliott heads a team of consumer advocates that raise awareness about travel issues.
Why follow: Tweets highlight site content about consumer problems and scams, knowledge of which may save you money down the road. Also, Elliott and travel expert Johnny Jet lead a Twitter party every Friday at noon EDT (with #travelskills) that often yields money-saving tips.

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