A Back-to-School Special for Your Skin: A Gentle Facial Peel

by  Melisse Gelula | Aug 30, 2010
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A season of heat, humidity, and sunning yourself (even if it’s inadvertently) can leave skin looking lackluster. That’s why facial peels – the best way to brighten and improve your skin, in my expert opinion – are a popular facial treatment come fall.

I’m not talking about a deep chemical peel that requires a dermatologist, a week of downtime, and a burqa until you heal. I’m referring to a no-downtime peel to gently exfoliate your dead and possibly damaged top layer of skin.

There are two categories: The first uses fruit and mushroom enzymes – I like Exhale’s Smart Peel or peels used in facials with Red Flower or Naturopathica (available at spas nationwide). For gentle glycolic and salicylic acid peels, which can be beneficial for mature or acne-prone skin, I like Skin Authority, NaturaBisse, and SkinCeuticals peels (also available at top spas). Many of these peels can be folded into a full-length facial service – or can be purchased as a stand-alone treatment for less.

Unlike skin-care products that can take some time to improve your skin, exfoliating facial peels provide instant gratification by immediately brightening your skin, whisking away blackheads, and smoothing fine lines.

And by removing that top dead layer, which can become almost glued down with sunscreen use over the summer, your expensive skin care anti-aging products are better able to penetrate and do their job.

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