Airlines May Test Do-It-Yourself Bag Tagging

by  Stephanie Pitts | Nov 8, 2010
Traveler with luggage
Traveler with luggage /

American Airlines and Air Canada are in talks with the TSA regarding the launch of a trial program that would allow passengers to print and tag their own luggage for the first time in the U.S. The trial, if approved, would debut at Logan International Airport in Boston, and airlines are hoping to give it a whirl ahead of height of the busy holiday season. During the check-in process, customers would be able to print tags from a self-service kiosk and affix them to their own bags. An airline agent would then check IDs, scan the bar code, and place the luggage on a conveyor belt. In the future, airlines hope to fully automate the luggage tagging process.

According to airlines, the self-tagging procedures will not affect security since bags are scanned for explosives behind the scenes by the TSA. In fact, self-tagging is already common in some foreign airports. According to the International Air Transport Association, 32 airlines worldwide allow self-tagging. In Amsterdam and Stockholm, passengers print tags and drop off bags without ever having to see an agent.

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