Armchair Travel: Vacation in a (Cheap) Box

by  Kimberly Button | Feb 17, 2015
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It's always nice to leave home and explore new places, but sometimes your budget or a lack of vacation days can squelch those plans. Happily, you can enjoy a mini-vacation whenever you'd like through travel subscription box programs. The flavors, sights, and smells of cities around the world are brought to you each month in a surprise box that arrives on your doorstep -- no expensive plane ticket required.

Try The World
Eat your way around the world courtesy of the bi-monthly subscription box from Try The World, featuring celebrity chefs in popular international travel destinations who select local and authentic delicacies that go straight to your doorstep. A recent Paris-themed box included seven to 10 full-size gourmet French delicacies curated by Christophe Schmitt, along with a culture guide chock-full of recommendations for music, movies, and recipes for an at-home Parisian staycation. From $33

Hammock Pack
Supporting small businesses in cities and states across the U.S., Hammock Pack finds unique items geared towards women and sends what they call a "doorstep getaway" each month. Much like a shopping adventure when you're roaming the streets of a new town, you'll receive local products from a destination that could include bath products, food, housewares, and other accessories. $32

Kitchen Table Passport
Indulge in new cuisines with the Kitchen Table Passport, a subscription box that sends a recipe idea, a custom-created herb and spice mix, and a shopping list to bring the smells and tastes of another culture into your kitchen. Also included are Discovery cards, which feature photos, fun facts, and a glimpse into the featured country. Six- to 12-month subscriptions contain souvenirs from each country. $19.95

Escape Monthly
With Escape Monthly, full-size luxury products are sent from destinations around the world, as well as travel brochures and guidebooks, depending on the plan that you purchase. Past items have included food, spa and beauty products, jewelry, and scarves from destinations such as Tahiti and Napa Valley. From $24.95

Hazel Lane
A different U.S. city is highlighted each month, with goods from little-known brands that showcase a destination's sense of style. Organic, sustainable, and sometimes vegan products are among the surprises from Hazel Lane, which can vary from food to jewelry to beauty items. Boxes can be customized for men and women -- and can accommodate individual dietary needs. From $46.99

Destination-Specific Boxes
Obsessed with a particular place? Not every travel subscription box changes their destination each month. State and country-specific boxes such as My Ireland Box, Georgia Crafted, and Okie Goodies (Oklahoma) send always-changing treats from one region.

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