Awkward Travel Photos

by  Amanda Black | Mar 8, 2013
Roller coaster
Roller coaster / Kirkikis/iStock

Awkward poses, people, and situations. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you awkward travel photos every week!


Pile o' denim
Because nothing says tropical family vacation like an all-denim family photo. Hopefully they got this in one take, otherwise, it can get uncomfortable real fast.

Roller coaster of emotions
We all know I'm a big fan of roller coaster shots, but this one is priceless. You've got the kid who is about to throw up in the back, the guy whose apparent gut-reaction of fear is to strangle a rider in front of him, and the man next to him who is too shocked to actually do anything.

Twister temptation
I understand the appeal of being in multiple places at once when you come to the "four corners," but is it really necessary to make your family start a game of Twister there to accomplish this task? The answer: No.

Awkward Eeyore
I wish a random horse poked his head into my car. I wonder if this is the face that I'd also exhibit? Then I think...Probably not.

Happiest place on earth
What young child doesn't want to go to Story Land? Honestly, even if this kid did want to go, he probably didn't sign up for the scary-looking clowns that he ultimately found there.

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