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by  Amanda Black | Mar 20, 2013
Family photo
Family photo / Tomwang112/iStock

Awkward poses, people, and situations. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you awkward travel photos every week!


Vacation wear
Despite being on vacation and wanting to let it 'all hang loose,' there are still a few items of clothing that are considered inappropriate, especially around the kids...Like dad's belly shirt, or mom's revealing leopard-print thong bathing suit that matches her daughter's.

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Luau wow
Our first user-submitted awkward family photo! The subtle (and incredibly uncomfortable) hand on the shoulder makes this shot a prime pick. We're especially digging the local guy's tattoo, beaded necklaces, and floral hat.

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Road trip photo op
Ah yes, route West 212. Absolutely photo-worthy. The short-shorts really make this photo, and admittedly, the straw in the kid's mouths was a nice touch. All in all, this is a serious Christmas family photo contender.

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Drag race
For the life of me, I can't figure out why this father didn't just let his child ride in the front. This just seems unsafe. Also, there's some major favoritism going on here.

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Pit stop
With a side-of-the-road welcome party like this one, I'm surprised this kid tried to get out of the car. On second thought, why are these people even stopped?!

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