Awkward Travel Photos

by  Amanda Black | Mar 27, 2013
Family photo
Family photo / Tomwang112/iStock

Awkward people, poses, and situations. Sit back and enjoy as we bring you awkward travel photos every week!

Dolphin dive

Nothing says "romantic vacation" like a ride on a fake dolphin in cargo shorts and tropical capris.


I've tried to imagine some reasons why this family decided this pose was appropriate (or necessary) for their vacation album. I have yet to come up with one – suggestions are welcome.

Burn plan

Ah yes, the tried-and-true black tea bag remedy for a sun burn. Shame on dad for not having the kids wear sunblock! The poor little red head can't even open her eyes anymore.

These boots were made for walkin'

Leave it to dad to find the only oversize boots and fake pistols to pose with on a tropical vacation. Of course, all while embarrassing his kids, I'm sure. (Side note: Aren't these props a little out of place?)


A group of girls pretending to reenact a scene from Baywatch seems relatively normal. But a family...? Am I the only one that finds this odd?

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