Best Earbuds for Avid Travelers

by  Darren Murph | Mar 28, 2013
Airplane passenger wearing headphones
Airplane passenger wearing headphones / kasto80/iStock

When it comes to earbuds and traveling, a few things tend to always ring true. For one, using the earbuds provided (in economy class) by the airline is a huge no-no. Not only do these offer horrendous audio quality, but most actually hurt your ears if worn for any length of time. Secondly, earbuds need to be compact; carry-on restrictions are tough as it is, and you don't need a monstrous set of headphones taking up valuable space. So, with that out of the way, allow me to offer up a handful of suggestions for those seeking a new way to enjoy movies and music on their upcoming trips.

Klipsch S4i Rugged: Priced at around $99, these in-ear headphones sound as good as many competing sets that cost upwards of $500. Moreover, the company's patented oval ear tips are the most comfortable in the industry, and the rugged exterior ensures that they can withstand years of being yanked, stretched, or otherwise neglected while hurrying from one plane to the next.

Logitech Ultimate Ears 350vi: If you're looking to keep things within a tighter budget (under $40), I highly recommend these. They're amongst the most affordable of the noise-isolating variety, and the company includes a wide selection of ear tips to fit just about every ear canal. It's a great combination of comfort, quality, and affordability.

Westone 1 True-Fit: Westone is a smaller, more specialized company, which means that its products are more refined and precisely made. They offer far more expensive options (including sets that are custom molded to fit your specific ear!), but at $129, this set gives you a taste of the company's expertise at a price that won't necessarily break the bank.

Which headphones are currently tickling your ear drums?

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