Carnival Cruise Lines Passenger Caught Red-Handed

by  Elina Vaysbeyn | Mar 16, 2010
Carnival Cruises, Saint Lucia
Carnival Cruises, Saint Lucia / iStock / marina113

For John Phillip Struble, a paradise cruise to Mexico with his fiancé turned into a nightmare. On Valentine’s Day, the ship became the passenger’s holding cell after stolen drugs were discovered in his cabin. Struble was arraigned in court on March 8 for theft of a laundry list of sedatives, in addition to more than a few morphine syringes, from the medicine supply aboard the Carnival Paradise.

According to Southern California Public Radio, after receiving analgesics the night before from the onboard physician for alleged kidney stone pain, he was also sighted near the medical center in the early morning. Struble claimed he never breached the door and left empty-handed when he found it was locked.

Despite his testimony, he spent the rest of the cruise captive in Paradise’s brig, and was taken off the vessel and questioned by the FBI when he returned to Long Beach. At the arraignment, he pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court. Struble’s trial is scheduled for April 6.

What degree of punishment should Struble receive? Should he have been prescribed painkillers on the ship?

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