Champagne Zipline at Cap Maison in St Lucia

It sounds almost...dangerous right? But kind of fun, too? Well it turns out that the champagne is doing the zipping, not you, so it's quite safe after all. This new amenity recently turned up at the luxe Cap Maison on St. Lucia. Unlike most of its fellow Caribbean neighbors, the island of St. Lucia is hugged by craggy cliffs instead of wide, soft beaches. So a stay on the beautiful isle inevitably involves climbing stairs—lots of them. At Cap Maison, the restaurant, the Cliff at Cap, is perched high up on the cliffs; far below sits a wooden platform perched right on the rocks, surrounded on three sides by crashing sea. Rock Maison, as it’s called, is a prime spot for yoga classes, spa treatments and…sunset drinks. But who wants to trek up and down the cliffside in between every round?

Enter island ingenuity. For the occasion of cocktails or a private dinner, the staff at the Cliff will fill a picnic basket with food and drinks and send it via a zip line to waiting staff members on the platform below. Voilà!

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