Charting a Course for Corsica

by  Jim Sherman | Jul 17, 2009
Aerial view of Corsica
Aerial view of Corsica / Naeblys/iStock

It's day three, and we just entered the harbor area of Bonifacio, Corsica, after sailing two hours across very bumpy seas (a lot of wind and some water splashes across the deck – needed to move positions to avoid getting soaked)!

Now we're at the port of Bonifacio in southern Corsica (which is French owned), where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. The harbor is filled (with too many fancy boats!) and we can't berth there until tomorrow. So, we're going to anchor nearby and go for a swim at a beach. A lot of wind today though; should die down later. We rescued two women in a dinghy whose motor gave out – the rough seas had been tossing it about.

The white cliffs of southern Corsica are very impressive. They remind me of the cliffs of parts of Normandy, France. There's Bonifacio, an ancient town here – tomorrow we'll explore it.

Today I decided to swim from our boat to the beach, 20 minutes each way. Fortunately the wind was okay in our area. Such aqua blue, incredibly clear water. On the beach, everyone speaks French (a switch from the Italian we heard back in Sardinia). I like a late afternoon swim as it helps me to justify eating a hearty dinner, and partaking in an aperitif and snacks prior to that!

Tonight, we will definitely dine on the boat. There is no town in our area west of Bonifacio.

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