Cleansing Spa Treatments Worth Trying

by  Melisse Gelula | Jan 10, 2011
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Cleansing spa treatments so often over-promise their life-change potential. But don't throw out the seaweed with the seaweed bath. Many treatments based on holistic and alternative medicine can give you a feel-better New Year kick-start (or a kick in the pants) – particularly if you build these detox spa treatments around a weekend of eating right and exercise. Some cleansing spa treatments worth trying:

Seaweed Wrap with Dry Brushing

After your skin is dry-brushed to stimulate the slow-moving lymph system (its responsible for getting rid of your body’s cellular waste), high-quality seaweed is slathered over your body for a wrap, which does a push-pull action – first of infusing your skin with minerals (copper, zinc, calcium, manganese, and more), then draining away excess water (and whatever else it can grab) – leaving skin healthier, hydrated, and even a tad firmer. At ESPA spas around the world; from $200 for 90 minutes, depending on location:

Acu-Organ Detox

This wellness treatment combines acupuncture (and is administered by an acupuncturist) and old-fashioned hot-oil abdominal packs to “release and eliminate toxins while enhancing organ function,” and a 60-minute abdominal massage – all means of rebooting the sluggishness of your holiday-wearied system, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. At Exhale spas in North America, 30 min. $100, 60 min. $150;


Brigitte Krome, a diva of deep detox, has delivered more than 40,000 colonics – which she considers the fastest way to expel toxins. Krome gives North America’s most luxurious version at the exclusive Core Club Spa in New York City. Along with your clean colon, you’ll get a dose of Krome philosophy about the benefits of self–care and raw food. Contact the Core Club for pricing, 212-988-7816,,

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