Cruise West Ceases Operations

by  Amber Nolan | Sep 22, 2010
Cruise West
Cruise West / Photo courtesy of the cruise line

After failing to secure an investor,  a financially troubled Cruise West announced that it would be closing its doors. Chairman Dick West stated that he is “absolutely heartbroken that this family legacy has come to an end.” The announcement came a few days after Cruise West updated its website informing visitors that the world cruise aboard the Spirit of Oceanus has been cut short – an undeniable indicator that the company was in rough shape. After 37 years as a trusted small-ship cruise line with a unique vision and a loyal following, it's sad to see them go.

With the exception of the Danube River cruise (which embarks today), all cruises have been canceled. Those that paid by cash or check for future voyages will have to file a claim with Wells Fargo Disability Management (for domestic cruise departures), or with United States Tour Operators Association for foreign embarkations. Passengers who paid by credit card or have third-party travel insurance should contact those companies for further information. Anyone booked on a Galapagos cruise should e-mail Cruise West’s partner, Condros at

To view the official announcement, visit

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