Delta Clears Christmas Trees for Travel

by  Molly Fergus | Nov 29, 2010
Delta airlines plane in sky
Delta airlines plane in sky / VanderWolf-Images/iStock

If you’re heading home for Christmas this December, Delta will let you pack all your presents and the tree to stash them under – for a fee, of course.

The airline has added Christmas trees for limited release liability shipping within the 50 states, which means that passengers can check the evergreens, but Delta won’t shoulder as much responsibility if a bough snaps. In order to fly, trees must be covered from top to trunk, and if you’re shipping to Hawaii, it will need to pass the standard agriculture inspection. Moreover, all the usual baggage fees apply (as much as $300 each way for oversized items), so if you and yours tend to trim the tallest evergreen on the lot, we suggest purchasing the plant after baggage claim.

Still, the offer is a cheery nod to the festivities, and it’s just one of a growing pile of perks this holiday season: Delta, AirTran, and Virgin America will let travelers surf the web for free on equipped planes through January 2, courtesy of Google Chrome; and American Airlines flight attendants are mixing $5 cocktails, beer, and wine from 5pm to 5:59pm daily throughout December.

Predictably, all four of those airlines remain Scrooge-like about the one present we’d really like Santa to throw in his sleigh: Free checked baggage, so we have enough space to pack all the goodies we’re giving away (plus the gifts we hope to receive).

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