Azamara: How to Book Smarter and Save

by  Sherri Eisenberg | Sep 13, 2018
Azamara Pursuit
Azamara Pursuit / Courtesy of the cruise line

At approximately 700 passengers per ship, this three-ship line doesn’t have a lot of capacity, so unlike, say, Carnival Cruises, you won’t find rock-bottom last-minute sales. That said, there are some things to know if you’re looking for the best deal possible:

Look for the line’s offers.

Right now, Azamara is running their most popular sale of the year: “The Double Upgrade Offer.” This special allows guests to book certain 2019 voyages and, say, pay the price of a Club Interior and stay in a Club Veranda stateroom. Other offers at different times of the year include “Buy One, Get One Half-Off,” as well as an onboard credit deal that lets you choose from specialty dining, internet minutes, or air credit.

Typically, the longer the itinerary the better the deal.

Check out the line’s 21-day South America itineraries, for example, and you’ll see that you get more cruise for your money than with, say, a 7-day Mediterranean sailing. Plus, these cruises offer overnights in Igazu Falls and Buenos Aires and — if you time your trip right— the opportunity to spend New Year’s Eve in Rio.

Don’t ignore the new Azamara Pursuit.

While the other two ships have been in the fleet since the beginning, Azamara Pursuit went through a major refurbishment in summer 2018 before relaunching in August 2018. The ship has plenty of new bells and whistles — such as flashy new spa suites, and a cozy Den lounge instead of a casino — and Azamara isn’t pricing this ship higher than their others. Since the ships are identical with a few small exceptions, regardless of the vessel, pricing is based on length and itinerary.

If you want to book a new or unique itinerary, book early.

Azamara cruisers tend to “collect” destinations, and since they’re always looking for options to destinations they've not yet done, the new routes tend to book first. The line’s first voyage to Alaska, for example, will take place in June 2019, and bookings are already looking strong on this one. Unique and exotic routes — such as the Japan intensive, and the Iceland intensive — also tend to sell out early, as do sailings to special events (such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the British Open). Book early as well for one for the partnership sailings, including the golf-theme cruises the line hosts with PerryGolf, the Africa safari sailings with Micato, and the train-to-ship sailings with Belmond’s historic Art Deco Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

If you want to book a suite, don’t wait for a sale.

Since there are very limited suites on these ships, they tend to fill up first —there are only, for example, six Owner’s Suites, four Club Ocean Suites, and two Spa Suites on Azamara Pursuit. (Those spa suites, which have gorgeous window-front soaking tubs, have a tendency to go first.) Another hot item on that ship: Club Continent Suites with the bathtubs, as only 16 of the 34 cabins in this category have them.

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