Family Pillow Fights... And Other Vacation Mischief

by  Raef Harrison | Nov 13, 2009
Family pillow fight
Family pillow fight / Wavebreakmedia / iStock

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Getting kids to bed on a normal night can be harrowing. Trying to get them to bed while on vacation can be down right impossible. What with hallways to run down, elevator buttons to push and beds to jump on, kids have a lot of ground to cover before its lights out.

But, as the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. 

So while staying at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach why not surprise your kids with a pillow fight! Enjoy this lively turndown service that will get the whole family involved (and hopefully tuckered out). Guests are armed with 30 small silk pillows and miniature boxing gloves. Boys vs girls, parents vs kids, or every man for themselves. You'll also get game ideas to help inspire some of the greatest memories a vacation can offer: having fun with the family.

The pillow fight service also includes milk and cookies and a sweet treat that can go to the winner. 

Other awesome kid-oriented amenities at this family-friendly Ritz include a 'Bath Science' service that features a floating science lab of test tubes, beakers, and things to make the water froth and change color. Send them out for the day to hang out at the AquaNuts day camp where they can meet other kids and participate in both indoor and outdoor activities like swimming, arts and crafts and nature tours. 


Aerial shot of The Breakers Palm Beach
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