Fanny Packs: A Much-Maligned Travel Accessory Gets a Makeover

by  Kimberly Button | Mar 20, 2015

Fanny packs were once a major fashion faux pas. No self-respecting traveler would wear a poofy, black nylon pouch hanging under their belly button, despite how truly convenient and effective as safekeepers those eyesores are.

Happily, fanny packs are starting to lose their cringe-worthy reputation and moniker. Today's hip bags, belt bags, and pocket belts are designed to enhance your wardrobe, not ruin it, while protecting your belongings and taking the weight off your shoulders. Even celebrated designers such as Tory Burch and Michael Kors are getting in on the trend of storing your stuff on your hips. From high end leather bags to slim-line systems that fit under your clothes, there's one of these now-fashion-forward travel accessories suitable for everyone.

No need to wear an actual belt with this fashionable pouch that clips to belt loops on your pants, with a zippered compartment and open compartment for easily removing your phone. (A strap is also included, though, if you'd rather loop around your waist or carry like a cross-body bag.)  $18-$45.


Una Fashion: For the fashionista, these leather belt bags are made from organic cotton, chemical-free materials and handcrafted by Indian artists with a fair trade organization. Rather than hiding one, you'll want to proudly incorporate one into your travel outfit. $68-$76.


BANDIwear: With a huge selection of patterns and prints, these fabric bands add a pop of color to your workout wear or casual clothes. The classic version essentially looks like a trendy belt and is just big enough to stash cash, a phone, and other small gear. Pocketed headbands, on the other hand, hold just enough money and a room key for a quick jaunt around town. $11-$34.


This San Francisco-based company created by an avid traveler offers leather utility bags with a hip, urban flair. Leg holster bags are available, too, for a dramatic style statement that offers ultimate protection of your belongings. $130-$198.


PortaPocket: Like a lot of flexibility? This highly customized modular system has a range of pocket sizes and straps that can be attached to your wrist, arm, waist, thigh, or regular belt. All pouches are made of neoprene, and you can even opt for some rhinestoned numbers if you like a little bling. $10-$26


Rock and Salt: Handmade in Brooklyn, New York, these fabric belt bags have two zippered compartments for security and a swivel hook for flexibility around your hips. $64.

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