Five Quirky Chain Hotel Amenities

by  Christine Dayao | Oct 6, 2014
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Free breakfast, iPod docking stations, and coffee makers are nothing compared to some of the whacky hotel amenities we found. From vintage record players to pet psychologists, here are five quirky -- and dare we say somewhat outrageous -- amenities that can be found at hotel chains across the country.

1. Cookies at DoubleTree
It’s pretty safe to say that DoubleTree loves cookies. The Hilton-branded chain is famous for handing out the sweet treats to every guest as they check in. That adds up to a whopping 21 million a year. While you can certainly load up on those at plenty of other hotels for free, no other property or brand is as dedicated to chocolate chip cookies as DoubleTree -- there’s even an online store where you can purchase ready-made cookies, cookie dough, and graphic t-shirts. Coming soon: onesies for babies.

 2. Fishbowls at Kimpton Hotels
Had to leave your pet at home or thinking about getting one? Kimpton Hotels can lend you a goldfish, complete with bowl, for free. Housekeeping will even feed your stand-in pet for you while you’re away from the room. Kimpton properties are all pet friendly so if you do bring a furry friend along, a goldfish can keep it company. As they say, the more the merrier.

 3. Record players at Ace Hotels
Forget listening to music on your phone or iPod. Check in to an Ace Hotel and get a blast from the past: many of the suites have a record player with a selection of vinyl records for your listening pleasure.

 4. Over-the-phone bedtime stories at Westin
Taking a vacation means getting away from it all and at some Westin properties, getting away from it all includes not having to tell the kids bedtime stories. Some locations have a service where guests can pick up the room phone, dial a number, and listen to a pre-recorded bedtime story.

5. Pet psychologists and psychics at Provenance Hotels
Pet owners who have ever wondered what their four-legged friends are thinking or feeling can find the answer when they check into a Provenance Hotel. Five of its properties (Hotel Lucia, Hotel Preston, Hotel Max, Hotel deLuxe, and Hotel Murano) offer pet psychologists and psychics. Pet friendly rooms come at an additional $45 fee per stay.

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