Fly Without Fear Thanks to Virgin Atlantic iPhone App

by  Suzanne Steinert | Nov 3, 2009
Virgin America airplane
Virgin America airplane / rypson/iStock

If you’re one out of the every three Americans who break out in a nervous sweat before take-off, relax. Sir Richard Branson has come to your rescue! Virgin Atlantic’s valiant chief unveiled the company’s first iPhone app, Flying Without Fear, yesterday. Based on Branson’s own course of the same name (which boasts a near-perfect success rate – just ask spokeswoman Whoopi Goldberg), the $5 app is designed to help anxious fliers overcome their fears by providing in-flight video explanations and answers to frequently asked questions about flying, plus relaxation exercises (there’s even a panic button for emergency calming methods if you start to, say, hyperventilate during a bit of turbulence). Since every aerophobe’s nerves vary, a custom “My Program” section allows users to rate their personal fears and offers advice on how best to prepare for your next flight, based on your individual info.

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