Foodie Friday: 7 Affordable Neighborhood Restaurants in New Orleans

by  Jill K. Robinson | Oct 11, 2013
New Orleans French Quarter
New Orleans French Quarter / f11photo/iStock

New Orleans might be known for its oysters, haute cocktail spots, and incredible parties, but there's far more to its culinary culture. It’s at places like these seven down-home restaurants where you'll feel more like a local than a visitor, especially when the waiter looks at your group and says, "Hey babies, what you havin’?" If you don't want to break your food budget on a trip to Nola (but still want some classic comfort food), on your next trip to the city, get a seat in some of these beloved neighborhood spots:

Coop’s Place

One quick glance into this spot on Decatur Street, and you might pass it by, thinking it’s merely a small watering hole. Venture in, however, and take a gander at the menu on the wall. Coop’s serves up delicious jambalaya, gumbo, pasta dishes, and more. To top it off, the chef uses house-smoked tasso (a seasoned, smoked pork) in a few dishes (like the crawfish and tasso pasta), so start with those for sure. Entrees from $8.50

Domilise’s Po’boys

Hit this Uptown bar before the lunch rush to get a seat at the counter. And if you find yourself in line – wait. It’s worth it. Some folks prefer the shrimp po’boy, others dream of the fried oyster, hot smoked sausage, or roast beef po’boy. They’re all great. Add a bag of Zapp’s chips to your order, and wash it down with an Abita beer. Sandwiches from $7.50

Dooky Chase

If it's classic soul food you’re after, come to Dooky Chase. A family restaurant run by Chef Leah and her husband Dooky Chase – the place was even mentioned in Ray Charles’ song, "Early in the Morning Blues," so you know it's got to be good. Linger a while after you eat to tour their art collection, featuring works by African American artists. Friday night entrees from $19.95; lunch buffet Tuesday through Friday

Elizabeth’s Restaurant

Elizabeth’s, in the Bywater neighborhood, is the home of praline bacon. (Yes, you read that right.) Order a plate with brunch and see just how sweet bacon can be. The Carolina shrimp and grits and the red neck eggs with fried green tomatoes are especially tasty. Brunch entrees from $11

Port of Call

This is the place to go if you have a hankering for hamburgers. Award-winning, half-pound burgers are served along with baked potatoes. Steak and pizza are also available. Wash it all down with a tropical cocktail, like the Neptune’s monsoon or the windjammer, and soak in the funky island ambiance. Burgers from $10.50

The Joint

Out at the far end of the Bywater, The Joint keeps its barbecue smoking. With luscious beef brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken, this spot is a must-stop. By all means, don’t forget an order of mac and cheese, also. If you still have room for dessert, try one of a variety of pies: from pecan to key lime to peanut butter. BBQ from $6.88

Verti Marte

You’re seated in the perfect bar in the French Quarter or Faubourg Marigny. The only problem: It doesn’t serve food, and you’re hungry. Do you get up to find a meal, or wait a while and savor your great New Orleans moment? Here’s where Verti Marte comes in. With a full menu ranging from breakfast to sandwiches to entrées, they’ll deliver to your perfect bar. You can also walk in and order directly from the counter. My favorite dish? The grilled shrimp po’boy with "wow" sauce (a spicy, creamy sauce that lives up to its name). No, it’s not on the menu. Order it anyway. Sandwiches from $3.50

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