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16 Fun and Portable Games to Pack for Your Next Trip

by  Lauren Dana Ellman | Jun 3, 2019
Girls on a train playing games
Girls on a train playing games / FamVeld/iStock

Boredom, begone! Whether you’re heading on a weekend road trip or jetting off to a far-away destination, pack these games, cards, activity books to keep everyone in your party entertained.  

1. Left Center Right

In Left Center Right, players roll the dice to determine where they pass their chips, and the last player with chips wins the game. Buy it now.

2. Simon

This family-favorite is now available in a compact size for on-the-go gaming. To play, simply follow the commands. (Players get one point for each completed command.) Buy it now.

3. Flipside 

This fast-paced puzzle game makes for the perfect travel activity. Choose from four game modes: speed mode, multiplayer mode, level mode, or memory mode. Buy it now.

4. Brainbolt

This fun brain teaser game tests your memorization skills. Players must memorize a light sequence and follow along without breaking the pattern. Buy it now.

5. Monopoly Deal

This 15-minute card game is great for kids and adults with short attention spans. The first person to collect three full property sets (of different colors) wins. Buy it now.

6. Connect Four

The classic board game comes in a travel size complete with foldable, all-in-one boards to help prevent missing checkers and broken racks. Buy it now

7. Rummikub

This travel set comes with a convenient storage tin to keep tiles and racks organized and neatly stowed away. Though the tiles are a bit smaller, the game is just as fun. Buy it now.

8. Mom, I'm Bored Activity Book 

Keep your kids’ boredom at bay with this activity book, which is packed with puzzles, games, DIY designs, and more. Buy it now.

9. Uno 

This card game may just become your favorite travel accessory. Play it anywhere, any time. Buy it now.

10. Perplexus Epic

If you love challenges, you’ll enjoy this interactive maze game, which tests focus, balance, patience, and speed. Buy it now

11. Battleship

This travel version of Battleship is just as fun as the original, but without the hassle, time, space, and effort of assembling everything. Buy it now.

12. Rush Hour 

This STEM-friendly, kid-approved game helps players build and develop reasoning and planning skills through 40 challenges, which range from beginner to expert levels. Buy it now.

13. Spot it! On the Road

Going on a road trip anytime soon? If so, bring along this fast-paced, kid-approved game, which was designed for long car rides. Buy it now.

14. Trouble

This all-in-one set allows for easy storage, hassle-free assembly, fuss-free cleanup, and, of course, lots of family fun. Buy it now.

15. Clue

Channel your inner detective with this compact version of your favorite murder-mystery game. Buy it now.

16. 5-Minute Dungeon

This fast and fun card game makes for an easy source of entertainment and encourages players to work together to overcome obstacles and escape dragons. Buy it now.

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