Why Germany Should Be Next on Your European Bucket List — with Lufthansa as the Most Comfortable Way to Get There

by  Lauren Dana Ellman | Jan 4, 2024
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Open your Instagram or Facebook feed and it seems like everyone is jetting off to France, Italy, or Greece. And while these countries are iconic travel destinations for a reason, we’re always on the hunt for less crowded — albeit just as spectacular — locales. 

In that vein, don’t sleep on Germany, which has a vibrant culture, eclectic cities big and small, and a breadth of diverse natural beauty to explore.

Why Germany Should Be Top of Your Travel List


Fairytale-like castles like the one that inspired Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty,” snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and a slew of bucket-list-worthy events: Need we say more? 

In fact, Germany is home to an incredible 52 UNESCO World Heritage Sites — it’s tied with France as the country with the third-highest number of UNESCO sites in the world. Among the most famous are the Cologne Cathedral, the Wartburg Castle, the town of Bamberg in its entirety, and Berlin’s Museum Island. 

The Best Events in Germany in 2024

Germany is home to world-famous events year-round. Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival that attracts up to 7 million visitors between September and October, is by far the most well-known. But the country’s Christmas markets, like the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt, which draws nearly two million travelers in December, are also huge attractions. Likewise, the week-long Cologne Carnival in February, which is among Europe’s largest and oldest, is not to be missed. 

Why Lufthansa Should Be Your Airline of Choice

Courtesy of Lufthansa

Fortunately, Germany-based airline Lufthansa is making travel to Germany from the U.S. easier than ever by launching new routes — like Seattle to Munich, Raleigh-Durham to Frankfurt, and Minneapolis to Frankfurt — in the summer of 2024. Minneapolis and Raleigh-Durham are both new gateways for the carrier, meaning you’ll soon have more options than ever. Lufthansa is also increasing the frequency of some of its flights to Germany from the U.S., like those from Austin, Dallas, and San Diego. All that’s to say that in 2024, you’ll have more non-stop choices to Germany as well as easier connections anywhere in the world thanks to Lufthansa’s extensive global network.

How to Navigate Lufthansa’s Completely New Travel Experience

Courtesy of Lufthansa

The carrier is launching a more personalized way of traveling by radically redesigning seats across all classes. Beginning in the summer of 2024, more than 80 aircraft will replace 27,000 seats — from First Class to Economy Class — with the new long-haul-focused Allegris product, which offers passengers unparalleled comfort in the skies.

The airline’s Economy Class will receive a major upgrade with a greater seat pitch than ever (31 inches, the industry standard being between 30 and 31 inches), along with the addition of USB ports and tablet holders.

In total, travelers can choose from three types of Economy Class seats: Legroom Seats (which offer an extra 2.75 inches of legroom compared to the standard Economy Class seat); Classic Seats (featuring 13.3-inch, 4K touchscreen monitors); and Free Neighbor Seats (which allows passengers to book the seat next to them for more space). 

Courtesy of Lufthansa

Meanwhile, a new Premium Economy Class will make its debut. Newly redesigned seats offer extra legroom, greater seat pitch (39 inches), and a deeper recline than the current version. A travel amenity kit complete with an eye mask, ear plugs, lotion, and other in-flight essentials and made with sustainable materials is an added bonus, as are the wireless charging capabilities and noise-canceling headphones.  

However, some of the most innovative new designs can be found in Business Class, where passengers will be able to choose from five entirely different seats. Each can be converted into a bed and is equipped with a heating and cooling system, wireless charging, noise-canceling headphones, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

Here’s a closer look at the different Business Class options:

Courtesy of Lufthansa
  • Suite: Located in the first row, this category is comprised of double suites on the inside and single suites by the window. Other highlights include closeable doors, an en-suite wardrobe, ample storage space, and a personal minibar. 
  • Extra-Space Seat: Single seats that offer additional work surfaces and storage space. 
  • Privacy Seat: Window seats that offer extra privacy.
  • Extra Long Bed: These seats are extra long (7.2 feet in total) and offer flexible privacy screens.
  • Classic Seat: Roomy, ergonomic seats that have direct access to the aisle. There’s also a flexible privacy screen and storage space for your belongings.
Courtesy of Lufthansa

Finally, for the ultimate splurge, travelers can fly in the new First Class Suite Plus, which is best described as a hotel room in the sky. Highlights include two extra-wide seats that can be combined to form a bed, extra-wide TV screens, wireless charging capabilities, ample storage space in the form of an en-suite wardrobe (complete with a large mirror), and a door that closes fully. There’s also the new First Class Suite, a private suite with higher partitions, individually controllable lighting and extra wide seats that convert into a spacious bed.

Why Flying to Germany on Lufthansa is Super Sustainable


With miles of pedestrian streets, bike lanes, long-distance cycling routes, ample public transportation, and eco-friendly trains, Germany is already at the forefront of sustainability, though it aims to slash its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2045.

To offset the carbon emissions that flying still causes, Lufthansa started offering Green Fares for flights within Europe and to North Africa that include the cost of mitigating flight-related carbon emissions. Additionally, the in-flight experience is also greener thanks to the use of sustainable packaging and cutlery made from bamboo, and the fact that each of the 27,000 new Allegris seats are made from recyclable materials — as are blankets, cushions, and covers found on board. 

The Lufthansa Group as a whole also has plans to introduce 200 brand-new, more sustainable aircraft to its airlines’ fleets that are specially engineered to reduce fuel consumption — and subsequently CO2 emissions — by up to 30% on every flight. The goal? To become carbon neutral by 2050. 

The Bottom Line

A trip to Germany offers something for every traveler, and the most comfortable way to get there is with Lufthansa. Whether flying Economy Class or First Class, the new Lufthansa Allegris product coming in 2024 will provide travelers with plenty of options based on their individual needs and preferences. Book your next trip here.

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