Get Excited: Lions Gate & 20th Century Fox Unveil New Theme Parks

by  Zachary Laks | Dec 18, 2015
20th Century World
20th Century World

Think you have what it takes to survive the Hunger Games? You’ll soon have the chance to find out -- two of Hollywood’s largest studios recently announced plans to enter into the amusement park business. From Atlanta to Dubai, we’re excited for these new immersive theme parks and lands. Here’s what we know so far:

Lions Gate is making big waves as it enters into the theme park industry, developing multiple international properties that include: Avatron Park theme park in Atlanta, Georgia set to open 2019; a theme park in Macau set to open in 2018; a $3 billion entertainment mega-plex set to open in Dubai next year; plus Lions Gate’s previously announced stage production currently in development in London. Given access to their impressive cannon of franchises that include “The Hunger Games,” “Step Up,” and “Twilight,” there’s a great deal of anticipation to see how these properties will be adapted into roller coasters, thrill rides, and immersive attractions.

Hoping to take a piece of Orlando’s 62 million annual tourist business, the 700-acre Atlanta park will also feature attractions that tie in “Divergent” and “Now You See Me.” If the park in Dubai is to be taken as a preview of what’s to come in Atlanta, park visitors will be able to visit Katniss' District 12 home, hop on board a virtual hovercraft tour of Panem, and strap in for a roller coaster themed to simulate the high-speed trains that link the Capitol and the country's various districts.

Tapping into 20th Century Fox’s iconic films that include “Avatar,” “Ice Age,” and “Planet of the Apes,” the studio’s first theme park, 20th Century Fox World Dubai, is set to open in Dubai in 2018. The new park promises to thrill with all-encompassing themed areas and attractions featuring additional titles such as “Aliens,” “The Simpsons,” and “Sons of Anarchy.”

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