Harry Styles Has Invented This Fictional Island to Promote His New Album

by  Hanna Fraguada | Dec 6, 2019
St. Abbs, Scotland
St. Abbs, Scotland / Helen Hotson/iStock

Back on November 20, a new tourism website for the island of Eroda first appeared online. Ever since, the mysterious website has kept social media abuzz with the mystery destination. With charming descriptions of attractions and accommodations, it’s a riddle that many wanted to solve – and they just did.

Keen-eyed Harry Styles fans dug deep to find the connection between the island and his new album, which debuts on December 13. As many noted, Eroda is "adore" backwards, and Adore You is one of the tracks on his upcoming album. (The Adore You music video dropped at midnight on December 6.) Additionally, on Eroda's attractions page, you'll notice there's a pub located at Cherry Street and Golden Way. Cherry and Golden are two additional tracks on the album.

Here's one tweet from Eroda's Twitter handle: 

The website is charming with a vintage feel, characteristic of both Styles’s aesthetic along with tourism websites from the early 2000s. It invites you – with a bit of cheek and a lot of cheese – to go deep sea diving with rocks in your pockets, mentions several popular pubs, and even a spa (aptly called Adoré). For lodging, you can choose from four properties, including the Yuna Inn. (Yuna is Japanese for “kindness,” another song title on the album.)

The pictures used are from several real places, such as St. Abbs in Scotland, a small fishing village where Styles was recently seen shooting footage for what fans assume is an unreleased music video. In those behind-the-scenes shots, Styles and other actors wear intricate hairstyles, a trend that the website claims is typical of young Erodians. 

 The mythical island and the accompanying paid campaign have gone viral, with theories abounding from fans and non-fans alike. The island's Twitter handle has been active the past few days, even teasing an Eroda brochure in a bookstore travel section. It seems idyllic and like a great place to get lost; “reviewers” have left mysterious reviews stating so. 

Don’t try to book a weekend in Seaview Cottages, though. The property only exists inside this quirky viral campaign for an imaginary island.

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