Holistic and Spiritual Spas Emerge in Las Vegas

by  Karen Loftus | Sep 12, 2011
Sahra Spa and Hamman in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Sahra Spa and Hamman in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas / Photo courtesy of the property

It’s easy to repent for one’s sins on the strip season. Though Las Vegas has long been known as one of the world’s top spa capitals, The Cosmopolitan, Caesars, and Encore are serving up a decidedly new twist: spas with Eastern, holistic, and spiritual influences, undisturbed by the surrounding decadence.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas:
Cosmopolitan’s opening at the end of 2010 filled an unknown need, managing to sate a fickle, fashion-forward, and contemporary appetite, appealing to upmarket sophisticates while holding the attention and interest of twenty-something trendsetters.

Its Sahra Spa & Hammam fulfills the more subdued need for relaxation and recovery.

The space, decked out in some 420 tons of locally sourced sandstone, features the second Hammam in all of Vegas, 16 massage rooms, four body treatment rooms with private steam showers, six skincare treatment rooms, two hydrotherapy rooms, and specialty suites designed for couples or group treatments.

Cosmpolitan Vegas / The Cosmopolitan

Inside, the flowing sculptural sandstone walls mirror poetic slot canyons and the grandeur of Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon. Veins of silver thread are seen throughout the spa, while silver ceilings recreate desert nights lit by the moon and the stars. Be prepared to have your breath taken away, followed by a deep and immediate exhale.

The artesian walls in the spa are bubbling with soothing sounds of water to symbolize the unexpected nourishment and the restorative treatments in store for you.

Sahra’s Signature Transformations are what one might expect in Taos, not in the epicenter of The Strip. Designed with specific change-making goals in mind, these treatments can heal that which ails you or enable you to head in a different, perhaps more successful direction at the tables or in life.

Each Transformation is complemented with customized guided imagery and meditation, your choice of sounds and music, supplements, and drinks.

If you can’t keep up with the Vegas pace, try Vitality & Vigor’s energy realignment, invigoration massage, oxygen inhalation, rebalancing beverage, and natural supplement (50 or 80 minutes, $170 or $255).

If a flight in and a night out in the desert setting leaves you high and dry, try Hydration and Restoration. Starting from the inside out, the rehydrating tonic and herbal supplements will kick start the treatment, which is followed by a lymphatic brushing, a rebalancing of the chi, acupressure point stimulation, and a cool massage (50, 80, or 110 minutes for $170, $255, or $340).

If you lost more than you bargained for or you need to offset your fear of flying, the Calm & Tranquil Treatment will leave you blissful after a steam bath, massage, and chakra balancing (50, 80, or 110 minutes for $170, $255, or $340).

Now you can head back to the tables with reckless abandon and a vision of yourself winning.

Ready to book? Weekday rates start at $160 a night; weekends start at $230 per night.

Caesars Roman Baths / Caesars

Caesars: Caesars is an iconic property and a contemporary celebration of classic Sin City, but its Qua Baths and Spa skips Vegas’ flashy reputation in favor natural light, ayurvedic cures, and healing, water-based treatments.

The 51 treatment rooms include three deluxe couples studios, seven facial rooms, personal hydrotherapy tubs, and a Men’s Zone, complete with a barber shop. For added Zen, an in-house tea sommelier will pair brews with treatments.

Qua Spa takes an ayurvedic approach to many treatments. The signature Chakra Balancing treatment starts with a consultation to determine your ayurvedic dosha, which is your mind and body type. A series of massage, energy work, and warm oils are used to relax both body and busy mind and to align your chakras. The treatment is far deeper than one would expect mid-strip. You will leave not only aligned but also with a chosen crystal to be worn to keep your newfound balance in balance (75 minutes, $275).

Vegas hardly seems like the place to address your issues. However if up for the test, Qua has a series of Hypnotherapy Treatments set to tackle everything from weight management to your golf game.

Sleep ($130), Stress Relief ($160), Stop Smoking ($160), Pain Management ($160), and Weight Management ($220) are but a few of the options. If you're looking to take your bets to the green, perhaps Hypnosis for Golf ($210) is for you.

If you snoozed during that deep chakra balance treatment, find the hidden meaning of the dreams in the Dream Interpretation Journey ($130). Lastly, if you really want to dig deep and look in to your past lives, opt for Regression Hypnosis to get you unstuck. Nothing can stop you now. Winning!

Ready to book? Reserve two nights in a Classic Room for as little as $100 per night, including a $50 food and beverage credit.

Encore Spa / Encore

Encore: Wynn and its sister property Encore Las Vegas, which opened in 2008, collectively hold more Forbes five-star awards than any other resort and casino in the world. Encore’s Spa is a five-star recipient – and it’s easy to see why.

Once off the elevator, you are transported to another dimension far from the casino floor. This sumptuous design has influences from around the world, carefully created by the spa’s interior designer Todd Avery Lenahan of ABA Studio in Las Vegas. Lenahan’s design stamp can be seen at Ritz-Carltons, Four Seasons, Mandarin Orientals, and other luxury properties around the world and throughout The Middle East.

His vision is meticulously carried out in the expansive 61,000-square-foot spa, the 37 treatment rooms (including 14, naturally lit garden suites), four esthetics rooms, and four couples suites (complete with steam showers and baths in the garden area). There are several bespoke alcoves, areas, and rooms throughout the spa that allow for an unimagined level of intimacy.

After a dip in the hot and cold plunge pool, a visit in the steam and sauna, and a well-needed rest on the hot stone ergonomic chairs surrounding the pool, it’s time for the signature Good Luck Ritual.

The Good Luck Ritual is based on the five Chinese elements. Each of the balancing elements is incorporated into the service and believed to attract an enormous amount of good fortune.

Metal is experienced in the sound of Tibetan chimes at the beginning and the end of the service. The fire element is in the heated table, heated back pad, and felt from the hot towels used throughout. Water is in the lavender hydrolat mist for the face and steamed towels. Lastly, the element of earth is in the botanicals in the products used, such as lemon verbena in the hand softener and polish, peppermint foot lotion, and wild lime in the oil used in the scalp massage.

With the Good Luck treatment under your belt, you’re set to Wynn just about anything.

Ready to Book? Early Bird gets the discount. Book at least 60 days in advance and get 25 percent off your stay. Rooms start as low as $160/night.

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