How ShermansTravel Celebrates Fall

by  Mike Barish | Sep 28, 2012
Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg / Photo provided by the CVB

It was a pretty brutal summer all over the United States. Here in New York City, where ShermansTravel is headquartered, that meant plenty of sweaty commutes and indoor (read: air conditioned) activities. It's no wonder, then, that we're pretty excited for fall to be here. Cooler temperatures, changing colors, football, festivals, and a bounty of seasonal foods make autumn a great season for getting outside, taking trips, and celebrating the end of that oppressive heat.

If you're looking for places to celebrate the season, you should check out our Top 10 Fall Foliage Destinations. Additionally, you can heed the advice of some of our experts. We decided to ask our ShermansTravel colleagues what they love most about this time of year. How do we do fall? Take a look.

Our Editorial Director, Darren Frei, is pretty excited about the change in season. "Fall's first crisp breeze prompts me to fish around the apartment for my Zipcar card, the key to upstate foliage viewing along the Taconic State Parkway and apple picking at Breezy Hill Orchards, which remains blissfully uncrowded despite its Martha Stewart endorsement."

Fall is all about food, according to Mandy Berman, one of our Deals Producers. "Everything is apple-flavored (apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple butter, apple chips...)." If you find yourself with some gourds after a spree in one of those "U-Pick" pumpkin patches, Mandy suggests doing more than just making jack-0-lanterns. "Scoop out the seeds and roast them for an awesome snack."

Food was also Deal Producer Lisa Hubner's first thought. She's very excited for mulled wine and hot chocolate. It might sound like we're trying to fatten you up, but Lisa also appreciates that fall is great for activities that were too uncomfortable in this past summer's heat. She plans on going "hiking in the Hudson Valley, biking, and exploring around the city."

The Deals team must really be hungry, because Jaymie DeGaetano got our mouths watering with his autumn tradition. "As a native of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, fall always makes me think of grapes. Particularly, the Naples Grape Festival (held September 29-30), held at the southern end of picturesque Canandaigua Lake. Aside from the obvious wines, and grapes-by-the-vine, the standout dish at the festival is grape pie." We have no idea what grape pie is, but we're begging Jaymie to bring some to the office!

As for me, Associate Editor Mike Barish, when I'm not referring to myself in the third person, I like to rent a house in the country, enjoy the crisp air, and keep plenty of apple cider (with rum) close by. Also, I'm a sucker for haunted houses. If you're really brave, you must check out Blackout in New York or Los Angeles. More than a haunted house, it's an intense interactive experience.

How do you celebrate fall? What does this time of year mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments or shout them out to us on Twitter. Now get out there and enjoy fall. Because, as Lisa noted, "it always just goes by way too fast."

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