KLM to Debut Social Media Tools for Finding a (Seat)Mate

by  Elissa Garay | Dec 15, 2011
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Dutch airline KLM – know for its forward-thinking techie tools and campaigns – has announced the launch of a new “meet and seat” program, set to roll out in early 2012. One of the first (if not only) airline-hosted matchmaking services, the new campaign is designed to use social media tools to find a seatmate. As it could very well turn into a search for, quite simply, a mate, we expect this new service to bolster attempts at in-flight dating. While nothing says awkward like trying out your pickup lines with everyone in rows 23 to 25 within earshot, the new service does have some potential.

The program is set to work something like this: Passengers who opt in for public profiles will be able to access fellow passengers' social media accounts (namely Facebook and LinkedIn) when checking in for flights online and can subsequently match potential seatmates based on similar interests. Surely, it’s a boon for taking out the lottery aspect of who you’ll be sitting next two (no thanks to the screaming baby in mom’s lap or the 300-pound business man). But it does translate to added pressure. What if your pick is a total bust? Those six remaining hours into Amsterdam just became a whole lot longer.

KLM is still working out the details (like if there will be a fee for the service), but we’ll be eyeing this social media experiment as a major social experiment, period. What say you, Savvy Flyer readers? Will you give the new "meet and seat" program a go?

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