Mammoth Mountain Lets Parents Take Turns With $99 Lift Ticket

by  Paul Eisenberg | Feb 28, 2012
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Among Walt Disney World’s more brilliant services is their still curiously under-publicized Rider Swap ticket, conceived for couples traveling with a child too young to go on certain rides. Once you purloin this ticket from a ride attendant (all you have to do is ask, it’s free), you can go on the ride and, once done, hand off the rider swap ticket to the grown-up who was watching your tot while you were joyriding. That grown-up then enters the ride – without waiting in line a second time – while you watch the little one.

Rider Swap is a thoughtful innovation that saves parents time, which at Disney, always equals money. In a nod to this concept, California’s Mammoth Mountain has come up with what they’re calling a Parent Tag Team Ticket, yet another thoughtful innovation that saves parents money – which at Mammoth, always equals money.

Under the terms of this $99 one-day lift ticket, you can ski your heart out while your partner watches your little one. Once you have the decency to relieve your partner, she can go ski, using the same lift ticket.

There’s no limit to how many times during the day that you and your partner can swap the tag team ticket, which requires a one-day advance purchase. As of this writing, Mammoth indicates that a regular one-day lift ticket costs $89, so the tag team deal saves you a cool $79.

Mammoth is running other family ticket discounts, including $30 daily lift tickets for kids 7-12 (children 6 and under ski free) as well as combo deals for adult and child skiers. And should you or another couple be on the lookout for a deal bundling a lift ticket and lodging, Mammoth has a deal starting at $139 per person, per night through March 26.

For general trip-planning information see our Mammoth destination guide, then use our Travel Search price comparison tool to find the lowest rates on hotels, flights, vacation packages, and more travel deals.

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