Mini Suites Offer Escapes in an Airport Near You

by  Amanda Black | Feb 19, 2013
Airport lounge
Airport lounge / jacoblund/iStock

We've all been there: Your plane is delayed or cancelled and you're forced to sit around in an uncomfortable airport chair while you wait for your flight to board or for any semblance of an announcement about arrangements for you and your fellow stranded passengers. Enter: Minute Suites and other mini airport hotel-like rooms. The company is building tiny airport suites across the country – they're already up and running in Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Philadelphia's International Airport. In the works are Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

The first hour you stay in your "suite" will only put you back $32, but after that, you'll be charged $8 for each extra 15-minute increment; an overnight stay will cost you over $100. The suites are equipped with day beds ideal for a quick nap, work stations for busy travelers, and hi-def TVs with access to DIRECTV.

But Minute Suites isn't the only company reaping pod hotel profits at airports; Yotel features posts in Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and both of London's airports, Gatwick and Heathrow; SnoozeCubes are located in Dubai's International Airport; and NapCabs have cabins in Munich Airport.

While these airport escapes are an interesting idea, are they really worth it? Member lounges offered by airlines offer similar benefits without the personal exclusivity (you don't get the privacy of your own room). So when it comes down to it, would you pay to stay in a 12'x12' box just to get some shut-eye while waiting for your flight?

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